Books by Keith Merritt

Olivia's Candle

Olivia’s Candle

In the Holy Land, Christianity’s most stunning find in over two thousand years bursts into the worldwide news. Three new gospels have been found, exhaustively vetted by theologians, and the conclusive evidence is that the gospels were written…by women!

A Currency of Lies

How long does it take to bring the United States of America to her knees? In A Currency of Lie$, it takes just thirty days. Shell Manhattan, a Native American Indian, with a seething hatred of the white man, launches a perfect plan, with a perfect enemy of the United States, and produces billions of dollars in perfect counterfeit currency, security threads and all.

The Fifth Gospel

Did the most dynamic, charismatic person who ever lived, Jesus Christ, keep a diary written in his own hand? Did He chronicle what He saw, what He did, what He thought, and what He commanded? Did He leave for all humanity a blueprint for life, more detailed and direct than the gospel writers?

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